Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Random Zombie Art

Being a huge fan of the comics and then later the show, iZombie is recreated here with Gwen (not Liv) chowing down on some brains. Just as Lady-I-Hellsing mentioned in her description, Gwen and Liv are totally different characters but we can appreciate their common love for brains!
MMM brains

Pilot Down by DugStanat is an undead fighter pilot made from ceramic. I'd like to see a movie about zombie pilots made from claymation or something. 

Zombie Mustache by Reitanna-Seishin is quirky and creepy looking. Not sure how a mustache becomes a zombie but this works. 

These brooches aren't the kinds your Grandmothers wore. These plushies can spice up a bag, look charming on a collar, or just be cute on anything. Thanks to mad-hatter-71 for creating such cool things. 

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