Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday Mention: Zomboy

by Richard Scrimger

Bob and Evil-O have been friends forever and puberty is not the only thing making their friendship questionable. Imre, a new boy in school, catches the eye of Evil-O. Bob finds Imre weird, gross, cold, and just odd. Well he has a good reason to. After a piano falls on Imre and not a scratch is left on him, the school soon finds out Imre is a survivor from some nuclear something or other and now he is a zombie....or rather zomboy. The school becomes a battle ground for protesters to support Imre or get the undead kid out of there and Imre even runs for class president. But something else is going on that Bob is noticing. Imre is keeping a secret. A secret that could wreck the town if it ever got out.

First off Bob is hilarious. He is kind of a coward, accident prone, and pretty honest as well. Bob as the narrator is what makes the novel. Imre is a little strange beside being a zombie boy and Evil-O is just a chillaxin' girl that believes in everyone. She also has an arch nemesis Susan. Their banter is hilarious! The story is intriguing but I was getting skeptical as to where it was all going and then finally in those last chapters you find out Imre's secret and all the testing and the doctors that Imre has been dealing with. Makes a really exciting ending that I actually didn't see coming. By no means did this book feel really childish like some other junior or elementary books. I kept forgetting these characters weren't in high school.

4 out of 5 monkey brains

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