Friday, 2 October 2015

Photo a Day Challenge rantings

I follow this sweet YA blog called Forever Young Adult on all types of social media and visit their site daily. They some times have these photo a day challenges and it just happens they are having another one for the month of October. All book/Fall/Halloween related.
WTF does this have to do with zombies? Well I will be participating in it with my instagram ZD account @dearzombiediaries and that will be linked to my twitter @ZombieDiaries3 so if you want to follow along and do so, please do. I'm going to try and do everything related to zombies as much as I can while keeping true to me...but just the zombie side of me. I do have a life beyond zombies people!!!! SORRY NOT SORRY.  
And since this is a zombie blog where I started off with reading books and doing reviews, seems like this challenge fits into what I am trying to accomplish. 
Maybe in the future I could create a challenge. 


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