Wednesday, 28 October 2015

More Deadly Bookends

I've posted before some bookends on the site, and now I have found a few more. Since I made a nice personal library area in my house I have been curious to see what is out there for me to add to my zombie shelf. Here are some favorites. 

The Creepy Half Zombie Half Skull Bookends is both eye catching as a sculpture or holding your books from toppling over.  

Although no longer available, Bookworm Bookends are the ideal "head in a book" that is quirky if you are looking for less spook.

Classic Walking Dead fan? Keep your pride with in the undead with these grotesque hands crawling up your books and lending a hand (heehee). 

Etsy always has the best items and this Zombie Prayer Hands will just set off the nonbelievers of the zombie apocalypse. 

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