Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cooties movie review

So last weekend here in YXE I managed to attend the film festival the night Cooties was playing. I had mentioned in the summer  I was excited to see this film and I am so thankful it played in my city cause this film is DOPE. 

First off there are a ton of faces we all know and love. Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, and Jack McBrayer, are just to name a few and these actors play teachers having to deal with shitty summer school students who end up getting "cooties" from a defective batch of chicken nuggets. Which I must mention in the scene opener the whole chicken nugget process is shown from the chicken on the farm all the way to the plant and into the mouth of a very hungry child. From here all hell breaks lose as the teachers have to last all day in order to get some help and save themselves and two students. Great thing about this virus is if you have gone through puberty, you don't get turned. YAY for menses! 

 While the plot was slow to start with and the kid zombies could have been better, the cast in this horror comedy makes the audience laugh and the gives us the satisfying sensation to go out a beat up a shitty child. (No actual children. Just zombie ones). 
Doug explaining his weekend

I loved the easter egg dealing with Wood, seeing Wilson with facial hair and being a total douche, and the character Doug, which instantly becomes a favorite as soon as we see him reading a book called "How to Have a Normal Conversation”. This dude is far from normal and his role in the movie just gets stranger and funnier.
The part that got the audience really giggling in the beginning is what I am going to leave you with to enjoy and entice you to go out and see this kick-ass film. 

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