Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ring a ling a ding dong!

I need a new phone. Mine keeps freezing, programs stop working, I am also still not on a plan so I just do cheap as pay-as-you-go (I literally have WiFi in 80% of the places I go), the camera sucks, and so I have been contemplating when to get one. I'm cheap. I wanna save money. Right now I have a Google Nexus 4 which is my fiancĂ©'s old phone. I know most of you are saying "Get an iPhone!" Well I know they are sleek and awesome but I do like my Android. So before I go and get a new phone, I wanna bask in the great phone case options I have out there for all devices new and old. Let's take a look! 

Real Wood Walking Zombie with Plastic Case Cover For Iphone 5s  via Etsy. This case says "I care about all things organic; even rotting corpses."

This one is a toughy. We have some Disney undead princesses, Hello Zombie Kitty, Zombie Eat Fresh (YUM), Keep Calms, the Shaun of the Dead list, Don't Dead (lol), TWD, How To, Period Hands, and a zombie head. Best thing about these are they are those wallet cases combo which I think is GENIUS. Also why I want a new phone so I can have this sweet option. These cases are for all kinds of iphones and even an ipod touch via Etsy for $21 CAD.

Another earth friendly option is bamboo! For the iPhone 6 on Etsy for $34 CAD here is a zombie word collage. 

AND if that doesn't get you pumped here is an engraving in wood with THREE wood choices. THREE!!!! Who can choose?! Etsy for 40 smackers CAD.

We gotta have a TWD case with our crush Mr. Dixon. This seller GoDIttoDitto sells this and SO many other cool cases for so many devices. 

Another wallet style. I like how this one isn't totally "scary" or "creepy", even though I don't give a PLOP about that, but it still supports zombie love. 

And finally, for those of you you like to swim, throw, smash, drop and who knows what else, the iPhone LifeProof case in Keep Calm!
Etsy for $13 CAD.

Well that is all folks. Sorry to bombard you with Etsy products too. Just my fav place to look at things. Mostly to only look. Shipping can be a pain in the @$$. 

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