Friday, 4 September 2015

iZombie return date

Returning October 6, which is not soon enough, is our beloved Liv Moore! In season two we continue seeing her colorful personalities she develops as she envelops herself with more brains to eat while working at the morgue. We left Blaine at the end of season 1 eating a burrito and being ALIVE! Anybody else intrigued as to why Blaine and Liz would be having anotehr conversation without her eating him? Let's not forget a certain hot zombie he murdered!
RIP Lowell
I know Blaine and Liv had their showdown in the finale but with him being human, she could easily take him down again. We didn't see any glimpse into Major. He better be there!! We majorly love looking at that sweet thing! And he really is sweet you guys! Wonder if the cure Liv gave him had any side effects. And what happened with her brother in the hospital? Hopefully we get a lot of these explanations in 5 weeks!! Can't wait!!

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