Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday Mention: Good Night, Zombie (Scary Tales #3)

Good Night, Zombie (Scary Tales #3)
by James Preller, Iacopo Bruno (Illustrations)

Welcome. Have a seat. Ignore the shambling undead outside. Let us tell you a story. But be warned. Good Night, Zombie isn’t just any tale. This is a Scary Tale. - Goodreads

For young children this tale has such a spooky feel to it. Any school after hours always feels strange and scary with the dark, quiet halls. Now throw in an old man spouting tales about curses and phrasing like "They are coming" and no one will feel comfortable. These three unknown children end up creating a bond as they go through an evening of black crows and zombies surrounding the school, a creepy old janitor they have never seen before, and a having their memory wiped of it. With little character build but a fast moving plot, this little tale would have been great until the very end where it got cheesy and the author reiterated the experience in a closing paragraph. Besides that it was still a great read for young kids looking to be scared shitless. 
3 out of 5 monkey brains

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