Monday, 31 August 2015

Fear the Walking Dead

First off I want to admit something that fellow zombie lovers would shame me for.... I didn't even know this show was coming on until a week before. GASP I know....It might have been I have no cable, I don't follow the right things on FB, Instagram, or Twitter (I hardly peruse it anymore), or maybe I was focused on my dog a lot this summer. Either way, I am sorry.

Now that I have shamed myself let's hop to a quick review of the show! 

If you haven't seen it yet (second episode was last night) then watch a trailer for the show below.

The show focuses on what happened before Rick and his gang got shit on all the time, before all our favorite and loved characters were eaten. This series is the prequel, the when, how and maybe why The Walking Dead world we know is like it is. 

Travis Manawa and Madison Clark as their characters on FTWD
As you are watching the first episode you may recognize a few folks from some great other shows. I noticed a few myself. Kim Dickens, plays Madison Clark, is known for Gone Girl, The Blind Side, and a few shows she was one for a bit were House of Cards and Sons of Anarchy. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Dickens' daughter Alicia is none other than Lexa from The 100.

Lexa from The 100

Elizabeth Rodriguez, who I love in OTNB as Aleida Diaz, made a short appearance in the first episode but will be a huge role as Dickens' boyfriend/husband's(?) ex-wife, Liza Ortiz.

So the pilot introduces us to this family and extended family, to their jobs and school where multiple people are "out with the flu"  but focuses on Dickens' son Nick (played by Frank Dillane) being a druggie who witnesses some freaking ass face eating done by his girlfriend in the tweeker church they are bunking in. After being hit by a car his family is trying to understand what he saw but unfortunately a drugged out person doesn't have the best experience with telling the truth or being trustful. So when Nick manages to get out of the hospital and his folks have looked into his story, we learn Nick's family is full of a bunch of assholes for not believing him. Even a news story goes viral showing a man attacking first
responders, getting shot a butt ton, and 
only succumbing to a head shot. Without giving away the pilot's ending, Nick's family finally believes something is going on with people after they witness someone being ran over MULTIPLE times. This last scene is what makes you shit your pants cause we all know from watching TWD that it all goes down hill from here.

The whole episode was was just anticipating the zombies to come, for someone to realize that person ain't dead; they undead. You are on your seat's edge already hoping this family doesn't get hurt. I thought for sure the old man in the hospital was going to be where we discover this but they got me with someone else. The show still feels like TWD but so far with less gross zombies and more clean people. 
If you are a Walking Dead fan, then you MUST see this show. I will be continuing on this dead path. 

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