Friday, 10 July 2015

Zombie Marilyn Monroe

For some reason I LOVE me some Marilyn Monroe even though I haven't watched that many movies of her but the look and her body just scream ultimate woman. Even my whole second bathroom has her plastered all over the place. Take a peek below.
From my Instagram
Now the reason I am saying all this because I also LOVE that there is a whole bunch of Zombie Marilyn art out there. No explanation needed but here are a handful of randoms. 
VanZanto on Deviant Art
Kind of like Frankenstein
Twist on the classic Warhol
Cute cartoon by frillysparklybutts
iPhone 5 - Marilyn Monroe half skull / zombie face on Etsy

And really I could go on forever. Please feel free tp just Google your way through the web to find some more really cool pics, items, and art. 

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