Friday, 24 July 2015

Instagram Zombie Art

I like my instragram a lot. I spam it with my minpin pics, books I am reading, shit I buy, and of course the odd zombie stuff that I go gaga over. What I love mostly is finding artists or accounts that are showcasing zombies. 
Excuse all the screen shots....too lazy to crop and want to show credit. 

Kathleen Saunders does many Prismacolor pencils on Strathmore paper and great nerd mash-ups. She is my fav to look at. One of her works caught my eye for my blog: The Walking Disney. Love it!

Fredrik Edén, "illustrator from the cold north", does some pretty dope zombie illustrations of all kinds of nerdy. 

Video games, Disney, tv shows and movies are a great inspiration to zombify for Edén. 

Hit the jump to see more of his gruesome zombie drawings.

Zombie Peter Pan. He really won't grow up. 

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