Thursday, 14 May 2015

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Besides being a zombie enthusiast or a unicorn tamer, I am a Library Technician for one of the local school divisions in my city. Part of my job that I love being able to do is decorate our library and being involved with activities....and scaring children. JK!

Since I love me some zombies I have pushed the whole zombie awareness month to our students (come to the dark side!!) and so glad at the response and involvement! I want to share with you now some photos of displays, crafts, and my home away from home :)

 Today in fact we did a craft with the Grade 3-5s, some younger and older students as well, and the craft was to create zombie rocks. I got the idea here but with some collaboration came up with putting googly eyes on to speed up the process and all the rocks were painted ahead of time. Kids just had to pick a rock, draw on what they wanted it to look like, then glue some eyes and paint on some white.  The one to the left is my example kids had to follow.
I know...I'm a true Picasso.  

 Some of the wee ones were given the option to draw themselves as zombies from this template. I even provided a sample again. SO proud of how these turned out. 

 My lovely and most awesomest Teacher Librarian, friend, and co-worker pumped out these zombies shambling their way into our YA section. READ BOOKS! Creates good brains!
 I know it is all tiny but if you look close I added some cute zombies to my children's display. Nothing like zombies frolicking in the flowers and butterflies to bring a smile to your face.
 Our zombie rocks this afternoon are now displayed in the Zombie Awareness display. SO adorbs! Some kids got a little crazy with the white paint but truly impressed how these look.
Mine is in the middle facing out :)

This is just the display as a whole. To make kids really think about survival rather than brain eating corpses, I promoted the survivalist approach in the display and I'm hoping I didn't cause any nightmares this month, besides my own after seeing some of the kids' art.

I think it is really important to get kids talking about survival in any instant, to promote some crafting, get kids reading, use their imagination and to freakin have some fun in the whole process.

Mission complete.

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