Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Party Time!!

Wanna celebrate this month's Zombie Awareness the right way? Throw a little shindig with some of these.

Delicious Dead Zombie Chocolate Mold will be great for creating sweets that will have your guests dying to eat. Mix in a little green food coloring into your white chocolate and VOILA! dead sexy treats! Bonus: can use the moldings to make soap for your guests to clean up after their nasty-ass selves. 

For those Bloody Mary's or whatever you may be serving, keep them cool with the handy (teehee) Zombie Ice Mold

Need something to hold your napkins? Got some messy eaters? I know I need like a bib when I eat. 
This Zombie Napkin Holder lends a helping hand while adding the perfect touch of creepy.  

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