Monday, 11 May 2015

iZombie Recap: Maternity Liv

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Sorry I am like 2 weeks late on these one guys!

The Crime

Emily Sparrow shows up in the woods after 8 months wounded and dying. She dies but her baby is taken to hospital. Rumors are the boyfriend may have caused her harm. Emily ended up being kidnapped by a dog catcher along with some other girls to be sister wives. 

Zowers (Zombie Powers):

  • Maternal instincts 
  • Attachment to the Sparrow baby

Major news: Major accidentally gets Clive quoted in a newspaper indicating the lost kids aren't his priority. Major is still trying to get info on the Candyman and gets the license plates, tracks the car down, break into it, causing him to get arrested but not before he sees a container with human brains in it. This gets him in a cell with some troubled guys to say "Thank you" on behalf of the police for the quote in the paper. 

Kids are still missing and the press is getting demanding. Um....remains of the kids were found at the dog catcher's place....oh that doesn't seem right.
Liv and Ravi are trying to keep tabs on Blaine.
Ravi is starting to test different levels of Utopium to find out what dosage caused zombism.
Liv's mom gives the Evan the application for Blaine's scary butcher shop.
Liv and Lowell had some weird vibes going on. Turns out Lowell had brains of a gay guy in his system. Made for a drunk and laughing montage.  

Brains and maybe chow mien noodles
"Protein" shake

Brainy lines

  •  "Unless you have the urge to make me lunch and do my laundry." "You wish. Have you really not eaten lunch?" She keeps asking him if he is hungry. - Liv and Ravi
  • "Awesome sauce" - Lowell
  • "They didn't get this at IKEA." - Clive "No this is what Rumpelstiltskin carves for you after you promise him your first born" - Liv
  • "Look Beetlejuice I don't remember saying your name three times..." - Emily's boyfriend to Liv


  • Liv's bro Evan better not end up butchered or zombified. 
  • Really hope Liv and Lowell get closer. Loving these two!
  • OMG Suzuki is just all over his zombie skills using it to be unstoppable in his police skills. But killing people, even if they are the bad guys and you are using them to cover up your own trail of dead bodies while being in cahoots with Blaine, is a terrible thing to do. Suzuki seems totally aware of Liv now too. 
  • OH shit the rats are being eaten! Success in the zombie rat experiment I guess.

Zombie Count

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