Monday, 6 April 2015

YouTubers you should follow

Now I may follow and subscribe to many YouTubers but the best ones that I go back to based on their zombieness are two lovely ladies that take major pride at being totally weird, gory, and being beautiful doing so (both inside and out). 

Madeyewlook became a fav of mine last summer and I have been a dedicated Lexbot since. Lex, a 21 y.o. licensed esthetician and self-taught make-up artist, likes to rock some nerdy and scary looks, showcasing the oddball she is and her creativity has blossomed more and more. Lex does not shy away from zombies either which is how I found her and one of the reason I come back to watch.

She has done:

  • the walking dead valentine 

  • Christmas zombie 
  • bug zombie
  • bite mark special FX
  • AHS Tate Makeup/Zombie Boy
  • a zombie sock

Lex has all kinds of tutorials for everyone that it is no surprise she has over 1 million followers. Take a look at one of her most resent posts. Follow her on basically all social media.

Mykie of Glam&Gore is also that mix of creepy beautiful that I cannot get enough of. Also she is cute and whacko! Love it! Mykie says:
"The swiss army knife of makeup tutorials. Beauty. Special Effects. Avant garde. Industry advice. Products. Foundational teaching. There is something here for everyone, and if you hate makeup, I invite you to at least laugh at my strange face."
I started following Mykie last summer as well and she is relatively new but making waves in the industry and her videos are something different. 
Both Mykie and Lex have awesome personalities and have a sense a humor, key to being likable in my books.  Mykie and Lew original and willing to inspire their looks for others. I enjoy Mykie a lot since she can take anything pretty and turn it into gore. Some of her zombie looks, which can all be found on her account, are:

  • Pop Art Zombaes
  • Lana Del Rey   (So entertaining)
  • Speak No Evil

  •  And my fav 2 things combined....

I highly suggest looking at both ladies works and following them. Their week to week updates will always give you a smile!

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