Monday, 20 April 2015

SFX make-up for the undead

Zombie Princess
 I enjoy a great special effects artist and I am loving seeing some random ones popping up on all kinds of social media. Anything gory, macabre, or "freaky" and I'm on it like zombies to a brain. ;)

 HanneHurskainen is from Finland and a beauty. While she hasn't dabbled in SFX long from what I see on DeviantArt, I still think she kicked ass on this lumpy zombie vixen. 

Pop Art Zombie

Natalie Kirk which can be found on Facebook, Twitter , and where I found her, Instagram, is self-taught SFX make-up artist and body painter. Her work is very Tim Burtonesque (she even features some of his stuff) and clearly enjoys the supernatural/horror genre.   Seen on the left is what I first found of hers. I love Pop Art anything, but love it more with zombie shit. Of course. See below for a few more zombie paint jobs and really go and check out her work. 

Comic Book Zombie

Pop Art Skull
Not quite zombie but I just really like it!

The Walking Dead Comic Zombie

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