Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Brain is Puppy Crazy

I have been on the search for a dog and been waiting awhile to get one and finally in the last few weeks things are starting to get real. I finally got my paws on a MinPin and will be coming home to us 2 months from now. He was just born 2 days ago so got to see him today! So until I have him home with me, I've been on Pinterest, Etsy, and other sites gathering zombie swag for my dog. 

The Barking Dead and the Shaun of the Dog below are from Etsy and I am SO getting both of these. Super adorable. Both are from the seller Electrolucy. There are so many great geeky bandanas you can get your little furry animal as well. 


 Glow in the Dark Bones Skeleton isn't something just for Halloween. I'd have my little pooch in this all. da. time. 

Got a great little hunter in the family? Wear it proud with a female red dress Zombie Hunter OR for those of us that will be having a little male, see his little shirt below.

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