Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Apologies

So I know I try to be really on the ball with my blog and I used to write it weeks in advance which made it easier to come out on my selected days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since I have tried to be more current or have the blog reflect my life and current interests, the set days tend to waver. 

Life gets a little busy some times too and I just want to let those of you who do check my blog out regularly to know that I am sorry if my posting has become irregular. No one has said anything but I feel bad myself just not getting things out on time but I trying to be more current and that also means I can't prep too far in advance. I am just happy to write about zombie things when I can, to have great followers, and to have a nice support from family and friends. 

A lot of changes have happened in the last year of my life and I am just happy to still have my blog to keep me expressing my interests and nerdiness. I hope you keep coming back and spread the zombie cheer with me!

New postings (yes more than one) tomorrow.

Peace zombaes.

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