Monday, 27 April 2015

iZombie recap: Virtual Reality Bites

The Crime:
A 300 lbs internet troll and computer hacker is found dead after a week in his home. Simon Cutler, a shut in and an asshole, only had things delivered to his doggy door like donuts. While heart attack was unlikely, turns out he had an allergic reaction to peanuts being spread in a confetti-sprung card. Cutler had treated Shaynee, a customer service caller, like crap and Cutler's victim posted it onto a sight full of things Cutler had done with his hacking skills. Ruining lives was his specialty and he was the most hated people on the internet. He ruined this poor girl's life to the point of a year of harassment lead Shaynee to her suicide. Her brother decided to get revenge. 

Another crime happens when the body of the young delivery man is found nearly decapitated with his stomach full of expensive food. Clive goes on a search but we all know who did the crime. Clive is almost lured into Blaine's psycho meat shop, but saved by Liv's call.

Zowers (Zombie Powers):

  • Agoraphobia
  • Hacking
  • Nerd skills
  • Appetite for sweets and junk food
  • Sweet gaming skills

Major news: Major head wound!? Way to freak us out iZombie. Major is okay. Just really banged up. Major is now on a quest to get more information on the Candyman, comes across some videos of Jerome at the skate park, and finds not only the Candyman that he had a run in with, but Ravi sees Blaine in the background and shows Liv. 

 Blaine's weird sugar mama GF freaks out over not getting her brains and kills the delivery boy for some of his young brains. Blaine gets all suspicious since his delivery boy seems to be gone. GF gets a visit and there was a different kind of drilling about to happen.
Liv and Lowell were to go on a date but her agoraphobia kicked in so a little night in comes into play. 

Rotten brain shake
MOUNDS of junk food and pop


Brainy lines

  • "The man's too good looking. I'm giving him character." - Ravi while stitching Major up
  • "If I hadn't stumbled in and totally rocker blocked this dude..." - Major  (guess another term for C@ck blocker. haha)
  • Liv calling out "Son of a bitch" when she finds out Cutler was probably killed somehow and she now has to drink his brains. 
  • "Must. Have. Donuts. Great. I ate Homer Simpson's brain" - Liv
  • "I don't even know what I'm doing. But I know if I use my freezing spell I can take out all 7 witches. I hate this crap!" - Liv
  • "Sooo did you run out of napkins or did you just run by an Oompa Loompa? Some on your butt too. Not that I was looking." - Lowell to Liv with her cheese puffs all over her
  • “I’m a were-terrier with healing powers called Arf Vader. This is going to be epic.”- Ravi (throwback to the comic guys!)


  • BARF!! Rotten, liquid brains.
  • I can't even come up with a name for Liv and Lowell. They are perfect. Glad Blaine is a dick and that wasn't being forced. Lowell is a better choice. Glad Lowell gets his brains from a mortician/funeral home. 
  • Where is Blaine going to get his action from now? That guy just gives me chills.
  • OMG was that Liv’s mom at the end? Don’t get your son to work at that butcher shop!

Zombie count
9 or is it 8 now cuz I think Blaine's GF and him are done.

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