Friday, 10 April 2015

iZombie recap: Liv and Let Clive

The Crime:
John Doe aka Sammy Wong, with missing fingers and molars and appears to be from a gang, is from Clive's days in vice squad. Clive becomes real upset and adamant about Liv staying out of helping on this case. The vision she has Clive looking a little like a dirty cop. Turns out Clive was suspended and this has Liv even more freaked. Clive comes to see Liv and lets her know Wong was in witness protection. Sammy had testified against AJ's father in a case which is why Sammy may have been beaten when he came back for a funeral. Ray, who was one of the gang members and a "snitch", turns out to be Clive's old cop buddy. Ray is safe and AJ is arrested for Sammy's murder after he attacks Liv in her home.

Zowers (Zombie Powers):
  • Anxious and fearful aka paranoia
  • Kung Fu

Major news: We get to see Major SHIRTLESS!! Seems like he can't get a great roommate and Liv feels bad since she was to be helping walks a chick in Major's shirt. Oops. Major's new gf, Corin,  and ex get the awkward introduction. Liv gets super jelly and sets up Major and Ravi to meet about being roommates without them knowing. And they BOND! And become flatmates.
Eddie and Jerome now missing..We know who took them Major.

Blaine and Jackie are shacking up. Guess she gives him money, he gives her brains. Sex: Bonus. Also, getting some aesthetician work done is helping Blaine look a little less freaky. And it seems Blaine has made some minions to go and fetch more brains. And the dudes are super brainless in more than one way. They appear to be getting annoyed with being Blaine's work and try to take Blaine's clients/victims for themselves. Blaine finds out and pops them.
We get to see Li'v bro, Evan, again! Seems he is staying at Liv's for awhile and he likes going through Peyton's things.

Kale and brain smoothie
Rice and Sriracha (Asian meal to go with Asian brain)
Brazed cerebellum ala granola??
Medulla oblongata in a fradiago sauce (These names are killing me)

Brainy lines

  • "Sadly our latest John Doe here won't be handling much of anything"  *insert missing fingers*
  • Liv muttering slut after mocking Corin for helping Major pay the rent.
  • Tag saying: Martial Arts and Craft


  • Liv being like totally like a valley, "slutty" girl while like talking in the video store was like so hilarious.
  • Blaine has a freezer full of frozen zombies. Lovely.

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