Monday, 27 April 2015

iZombie recap: Flight of the Living Dead

The Crime:
Sky diver ends up dead in a tree even though she has been doing these kind of dangerous and adventurous stunts all her life. Ends up it is Peyton and Liv's old sorority pal Holly they voted out of the dorm. Everyone is convinced it has something to do with their friend Lowell since he jumped last instead of Holly. Turns out Carson, one of the divers, not only had a girlfriend and had cheated on her with Holly way back, but Holly also caught Carson in bed with a their dude friend Ren. So Richie Rich gets some GHB from Daddy and Eliza puts it in her drink before they went diving to keep Holly quiet to save everyone's job and careers. 

Zowers (Zombie Powers):
  • Adventurous drive and thrill seeking

Major news: Major is now after finding Jerome. Dude! We know Blaine ate him. Poor Major. Major asks Clive for some help to try and find this Candyman character. Clive goes out on his own time and questions some kids only to find SO many kids missing. Major does a little searching at the skate park too, finding the dude who has Jerome's shoes. Then a brawl goes out and Major is left motionless at the skate park. 

Clive is not in the good books with his Lieutenant Suzuki. Suzuki questions Liv about her employment. Later when Clive is talking to Suzuki we see him clipping his nails, then putting hot sauce in his drink.....FREAKIN out here! And Suz was pretty adamant on keeping Clive off from looking into missing person until there is a body. It is like he is totally hiding more than him being a Z. 

Cheesy puffs
Noodles, brain, and hot sauce

Brainy lines
  •  "Even if I laid out here long I still wouldn't get a tan" - Liv
  • The whole time Liv and Ravi are listing food on a stick. 
  • "Man I thought the inside of my thighs were pale" - guy to Liv
  • "Doesn't it freak you out that Facebook somehow knows you were thinking of buying boots and reducing belly fat?" - Peyton
  • "Liv Moore. huh. you?" - Lowell
  • "Who wasn't this guy sleeping with? The pilot who flew the plane?" - Clive
  • "Then one day I see this beautiful woman; she's the only thing in color. Odd cause she's so pale" - Lowell

  • OMG Lowell and Liv need to get on eachother. So cute and he is a zombie. Great catch for Liv. Just got make zombie babies already. I'm over Major already. 
  • Carson McComb aka DICK FROM VERONICA MARS. Love seeing these old actors on this show. And just as much as a Dick as ever. 
  • Lowell wearing that 27 and Dead shirt. You know the dead 27 Club? Pretty clever.

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