Friday, 10 April 2015

iZombie recap: The Exterminator

The Crime:
There is some Wally Walker case where a guy was killed in the park and someone has been arrested. What appears to be unrelated is some dead guy is killed in a hit and run. Turns out the brain Liv eats is the hitman, Marvin Webster, that killed Walker and now both cases become related. So who killed Webster after he popped Walker? Don Watts, Walkers Angel Investor and who offered the reward, got Webster to kill Walker in order to get a fortune in I'm guessing, insurance or something, then killed Webster since Webster was wanting more money. What a scum bag. 

Zowers (Zombie Powers):

  • Hitman numbness
  • no empathy
  • Gun knowledge
  • Unusual facts

Major news: Liv has been feeling bad about about the whole "jumping" majors bones last episode. Major has moved on and on social media a make out sesh with his new GF appears online and Liv sees it. Heartbreaking. 
Major comes in with a teen to get help from Liv's connections to the police to find the teen's missing friend. AWE! Major helps troubled teens! Good man. 

Kids find a "hobo" which ends up being a zombie. Liv and Ravi check it out. Turns out it's an old co-worker of Liv's, Marcie, and she totally does not make it through the test run Ravi tries on her. With Liv's hitman numbness, she ends up killing Marcie in order to save Ravi when he falls in.
Blaine shows up and Liv is still sketched out by him. Should be. Drug dealing in a way. 
Liv and her friend Peyton cross paths over the same case and it makes it a little difficult at one point and it totally screws Peyton's case over. Since Liv ate those brains, she totally doesn't care and this brings out a fight between the ladies.  All forgiven when the catch the right man for the death of Wally Walker. 
Scary dude in the skate park that may have a connection to the missing teens turns out to be BLAINE! What is that guy up to?

Nourishment: Wheat crackers with siracha with brains

Brainy lines

  • "A teenager posted a picture on his Facebook claims it's a zombie" - Ravi " Is it me?" - Liv
  • "Are you cool with me naming our trivia team Piggy and the Brain?" - Liv
  • "You didn't say you were marrying Siri." after Liv rambles about some random fact. 


  • There are other zombies out there. How many ?!
  • Can they be fixed even though Ravi tried? Will he ever be able to help Liv?
  • LOL trivia Tuesday.
  • Loved Liv's element shirt that read O Mg ! See below.
  • Poor Liv having to deal with her past and her killing Marcie and on top of that Major moving on. Glad to see zombies have emotions. 

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