Monday, 30 March 2015

TWD Season 5 Finale

I hope everyone is well and almost celebratory after last night's The Walking Dead. Please if you have not seen the show, DO NOT READ! SPOILERS! You have been warned.

I was so glad not to see any of our beloved group suffer more loss. I think I'm still getting over Noah. 
In 90 minutes of a finale, we see a beat-down with Glenn and Nicholas, Sasha and Gabriel get some inner peace, Daryl and Aaron get trapped and then saved, wolves are out hunting, and I think Deanna has a change in mind about Rick. Everyone happy with the finale? I know I am! Good-bye Porch Dick! (see funny Ballad of Porch Dick here)
Also, I think the episode should have been called "Saved" instead of "Conquer". I'll show you why.

  • Glenn gets lured by that idiot Nicholas, even gets shot and have a huge brawl, yet great Glenn decides to keep Nic alive, saving him from being a dick I guess.
  • After Rick's beat down with Pete, Carol lets Pete know he has a choice to make: live or be an idiot. Seems like he chose to be psycho cuz just as Rick comes in after saving the whole incompetent town from Gabriel's messed up death wish and walkers roaming in the backyards, Rick has to go ahead and save the town from Pete. Pete went irrational, cuts Reg's throat, causing everyone to see what a dick he really is. Deanna gives the go ahead. YAY RICK! Back in charge. 

  • Although not everyone was saved from death in this episode (RIP Reg and I guess to Pete), others seemed to be save in other ways. Sasha wants some help and clearly getting some rest with some zombies didn't help. Sasha goes to Gabriel, who doesn't know whether to die or live, seeking to be guided. Father Gab and Sasha rumble and tumble and of course the old pastor's daughter comes and saves the day. 

  • Daryl and Aaron are on a mission to get some red poncho guy and get caught in a trap. Who comes along and saves them but.....MORGAN!!!

Guys! Morgan was there from the beginning and we have seen him sneaking around and following something and finally we see him kicking ass and being completely zen about it. He just wants to find Rick you guys! And he does. The finale ends with their weird reunion after Rick has just put Pete down.

What do you think Season 6 is going to be like? OH HUGE question: WHO THE HELL ARE THESE WOLVES DUDES?! Are they cutting the Ws in their flock? I was still confused by that whole thing.

Other questions: Glenn going to be friends with Nic? What kind of catch up are Morgan and Rick going to have? Will Jessie ever sleep with Rick after his quick shooting to her abusive husband? SCarol going to be around still? Carl going to get to first base?! SO many legit answers that we need.  Till next season...

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