Friday, 13 March 2015

Munchkin Zombies

ne me parlent French
Why isn't this real?! Wait it is? Oh thanks Google.
I've played some good old Munchkin Quest with my nerd friends and I was pumped when I saw this photo on DeviantArt by hadh to have a zombie Munchkin game created . Well thanks to some googling I was embarrassed I hadn't discovered this sooner.

The World of Munchkin has a Zombie spin off! You play the zombies getting you hands on some brains. Your foe? Humans. They want to kill you. GASP! Are you really that shocked.

You stumble about collecting whatever garbage your living brethren have left behind and you use that to save your coconut and to defend yourself.  

OKAY who is my new BFF and getting me this?!

Then I demand we have a 12 hour game sesh with alcohol being a must. 

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