Monday, 23 March 2015

Monday Mention: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish (My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish #1)

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish (My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish #1)
by Mo O'Hara

When Tom’s big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experiment involves dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom knows that there is only one thing to do: Zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there’s something weird about the new Frankie. He’s now a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with hypnotic powers . . . and he’s out for revenge! - Goodreads

Really this is a juvenile book and it can be read in a day. And if you like reading about fish to your kids or students...well think again.

SO won't be reading the rest of the series. I understand the novel is for elementary kids (I work in a library), and I have no problems checking out what kids are reading, but I really won't be recommending this to anyone. I found too many things that irked me and normally I can move past those and still see a cute read, but not in this one. 
First this book is really like 2 small books into one. That threw me off but I did enjoy the second part better....If I had to choose. 

Second, the word "moron" was overly used which made me feel like I was being verbally abused and that is basically what the older brother(s) were doing to the main character and his friend on top of being dickhole older siblings. Plus be creative with your wording. Repetition makes for a really dull read, even if it is a kids' book.

Third, this "zombie" might be one of the worst zombie concepts I have come across and I have read a lot of smack out there. The zombie goldfish was atleast dead at one point and like Frankensteined back to life BUT basically the fish liked moldy green things to eat, could hypnotize people, and understood humans and was personified quite a lot. Other than the moldy eating and having died at one time, I don't know how this was a zombie.....And why he was called fat. NO FAT SHAMING!
The main character also did too much of explaining himself after he did something. Example, he high-fived his friend and then explained why he thought it was a good time to high-five. Pretty sure those things shouldn't need explaining. What was cute was the misunderstanding of words like perpetrator he thought was PURPLE-TRAITOR. Adorbs! I did enjoy the second story since it was less...mean, I guess. Not too many "moron"s but still overly used. 
No kid besides those in like grade 4 or below should read this so it makes me sad I have seen grade 5 and 6 students take this out and I know their reading levels are higher. This novel doesn't challenge them enough. 

Done rant. 

2 out of 5 monkey brains

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