Wednesday, 25 March 2015

iZombie recap: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?

So lets dive right in shall we?

The Crime:
A painter, Javier, is found with a paint brush sticking out of his eye. Det. Babineaux (let's call him Det. Babi since he is new to the job) dives right in to asking Liv about her physic abilities. She must be regretting that lie but it seems to work for her the entire show so far. No questions asked. Live hasn't had time yet to eat the brains until she gets to the morgue. There she has a taste and later she has a trigger of seeing a beautiful lady clearly getting it on in an affair with Javier. Liv starts getting all '50 Shades of Phsyic' on Babi with her new artistic view and passion for beauty. 

Babi and Live visit Lola, J's wife and the actress from Devious Maids, where we get to see Liv mesmerized by a second wife. YUP! Monogamy not happening here. To make things more complicated, Javier's paint dealer Artie Fiss loves Lola and becomes a prime suspect. Well we were deceived. He was an artifice if I shall say and point that out. (So many play on words you guys!)Artie was just covering for Lola who actually was angry for Javier knocking up Artie's daughter and they were going to have a kid, something Lola thought he didn't want. 

Turns out Det. Babi is right....always the wife.

Zowers (Zombie Powers): 

  • Painting
  • new love for Jazz
  • drawing 
  • artistic vision
  • understands Spanish

Major News:
 We get to see more of the old flame. A major hottie. Major comes to return some items and finds Liv painting and listening to music she hated before. Major seems kinda into and Liv is exploding with a new found appreciation in everything. 

Episode ends with Liv seeing Major and getting MAJORLY turned down since she has had nothing to do with him the last 7 months. Gurl you can't be trippin' like that!


Blaine to Liv "Where'd you go?"
New character!!! Guys pay attention to Rob Thomas and his dang puns and play on words....Blaine DeBeers.     Read it again.  
Blaine was a partier and druggie and it shows in Blaine's talking. Sounds like a stoner when he and Ravi were talking and Liv had a vision. 
Although Liv is unsure of Blaine they exchange their zombie knowledge and background. Blaine used to rob graves. I made a connection to the comics. Blaine was going after already dead people like Liv (Gwen) did in the comics. On purpose? Who knows with Mr.Thomas. 
Blaine calls his zombie hulking out "raging out". I giggled. Euphemism came to my sick ol' brain. Full on zombie mode sounds better Blaine. 
Sounds like our Zs miss food. Who knew brains were gross?
We get to see a bit of Blaine's life and turns out he has a one night stand and she becomes a Z. Seems like he is making money off of some rich lady. Guess the drive for cash doesn't die with you. 
Blaine what are you up to. 

Sidenote: Blaine, played by David Anders, has also been Dr. Frankenstein and a founding family in the land of Vampires. Likes the goth lit :).

Nourishment: hot pocket and then straight up brains

Brainy lines:

  • "Boss thought you were dead" "They were half right".  - Blaine to his buddy.
  • First rule of brain club
  • "Albino tease" - said to Liv from the very rapey ex-bf of Javier's other wife.
  • " maybe its possible for parts of me to spring to life even now that I'm dead." - Liv
  • Nightmares. Zombies have dreams? I guess they have visions, don't really enjoy the taste or consistency of brains, gain other "powers" dreams shouldn't be a shock
  • Dect. Little too eager to use Liv's skills
  • They look so goth! I'm just looking for the chipped black nail polish next.
  • Can these Zs have sex? Did Blaine just eat the can't even back my way out of that one. 

Until next week zombaes!

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