Thursday, 19 March 2015

iZombie Pilot

So Tuesday we got to see creator Rob Thomas take our iZombie comic a TV show. What were your thoughts?
Mine? I enjoyed it overall but let me get into that some more.

While I did only in the last year read the comic books and couldn't stop reading them, I wasn't a fan that had been with them "from the beginning" so I feel a little less invested and emotionally attached. 

First off what is completely ridiculous is changing Gwen's name to Olivia 'Liv' Moore.. Read that again...*sigh*

Vol 1 
Liv's life changes all in one night on a boat where some how a drug named Utopia causes some people to become zombies and Liv manages to get a scratch and wakes up on the beach in a body bag. Her life as being a doctor and having a great looking fiancĂ© are gone forever. 

Now Liv works in a morgue with a British doc who I find a little too hyper. He is totally unfazed by Liv's brain eating and she is exposed all in one episode. Wish that could have atleast been the second one but let's just DIVE right in. Soon Liv is relishing her zombie powers she has like receiving memories of those brains she has eaten and BAM! a murder needs to be solved. 

iZombie statue gets solved with her visions she has on the side arm of the newly hired detective that calmly just lets her use her "psychic powers". Of course there is some gun fire and almost some live brain eating, but the plot moved real fast. Also her make-up bothered me a lot. Too dark? Or just a little off. I don't know. Glad she kept the white hair.

Great things that I did like about this show that I will continue to watch because I mean, it WAS actually good besides being a little/a lot different than the comics.

  • Beginning credits were very comic like. Loved the homage to them.  

  • Mr. Frost, one of the suspects or questioners, was totally Cliff from Veronica Mars
  • Extra "powers" was a nice touch. Liv not only receives the memories but the ability to speak the owner's language and habits like being a klepto
  • Great use of comic book narrative captions
  • Great humor and quirkiness like that seen in Veronica Mars

From Deviant Art

So fans of the comic book may have been shouting at the screen the other night but we can't deny that it was still a fun show to watch and I am hooked to see what Mr. Thomas will be giving us.

Will you continue?

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