Tuesday, 17 March 2015

February Horror Block

 As I have mentioned before, I have subscribed to Nerd Block's Horror Block and this last month was a great theme: Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires! OH M! And with a BITE to it.
Not only did the block come with a book, which will be a new thing every month, it came with 3 things related to zombies. 

Frankenstein is the be all of all undead creatures, so having his bride show up on a shirt was pretty rad. I can even wear it to work!

This little guy plushie is what a zombie virus would look like. I've got this weirdly cute guy on my book shelf close to his themed books. 

The containment unit I have yet to open. It has a weird little zombie statue in it. The slime glows in the dark but I really don't want to feel the consistency of this stuff. Some poor Blocker on Instagram asked for no more slime since it opened in his box and got all over his things. GROSS!

Looking forward to March Block. Looks like it may be 2 items from The Walking Dead. BTW OMG!!!!! NOAH!!! 

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