Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Z Nation

While I was missing my ultra fave and unbeatable zombie show, The Walking Dead, I had a hankering to see some Zs. Behold! Z Nation was the answer. Praise Netflix! 
Nothing can compare to TWD with it's 5 seasons of lovable characters, a comic book series which the show is based off of, their own talk show after hours (The Talking Dead), books, and creative cast and crew that makes every episode a nail biting experience. I never have to clip my nails! 

Z Nation is about a group trying to transport a fine "gentleman" named Murphy since he may be the only immune survivor after a zombie virus has spread the world in the last 3 years. Operation Bitemark is in place to get to Cali from NY to retrieve the antibodies to create a vaccine with the help of Citizen Z working his tech magic from NSA outpost in the Arctic.
One thing about this crew, they are way more light in the subject of zombies and death and BOY does death come quickly to a lot of the group. Who is in the group you ask? *SPOILERS AHEAD*

top left going clockwise:MICHAEL WELCH as Mack Thompson ;NAT ZANG as 10K; ANASTASIA BARANOVA as Addy Carver; KEITH ALLAN as Murphy; PISAY PAO as Cassandra; TOM EVERETT SCOTT as Sgt. Charles Garnett; KELLITA SMITH as Roberta Warren; and RUSSELL HODGKINSON as Doc
Remember Doing that thing you do? or Dead Man on Campus and even An American Werewolf in Paris? They all have one cutie in common! Tom Everett Scott. While he is one of the best looking of the cast and most recognizable in the group, his character Sgt. Charles Garnett doesn't last long. I was so devastated cuz things between him and the leading lady Roberta was getting STEAMY. Netflix teased me about his character and another guy being in the show for a long while since their faces were dominant in the picture preview. LIES!! This show may as well be called Game of Zs. 

Without going into details about ALL the characters, one that is not in the picture above is a little not NEW GUY,  DJ Qualls. I've seen him more recently as a former reoccurring character on Supernatural.  Qualls character, Private First Class Simon Cruller aka Citizen Z, is a lone man safe from the danger of zombies but not from the duties of surveying the zombies and warning folks of anything disastrous like a zunami (a zombie tsunami). Qualls offers many laughs which is what I find great about this show. 

Z Nation is fast paced, less in-depth with origin stories, not afraid to kill off characters, might be a little unrealistic with their zombies (which is saying something since z's are pretty sci-fi), and they have their own approach to zombies. They do seem to have the infinite bullet cheat when it comes to combat. Each character brings just enough laughs without making the entire show corny in their drama, horror approach. 

The light-heartedness I get from the show is something I appreciate compared to the drama in TWD. Nothing can beat that show though! But if you just can't get enough Z's in your week, binge on some hilariously weird and quirky Z Nation.
Season 2 returns this year. 

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