Monday, 9 February 2015

Who turned out the light?!

As one character faded away last night on the return of The Walking Dead, we need something bright in our future to keep on hammering on. Best way to shine some light than.....

With your very own zombie hand lamp! This little gem will set you back over $100 but will be the talk when the grandparents come over and think you butchered one of their beloved friends from the senior home. 

Terminus was way worse than Woodbury. Tyreese was lucky to see them both. You can  now bask in the hope it gave them all with the Zombie Apocalypse lamp shade from Etsy for $81.

So how is everybody recovering this Monday? Who is feeling like our gang on TWD needs a break? I know I do from all the sorrow I am feeling still from the mid-season. 

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