Thursday, 12 February 2015

When the snow melts

For those of us in the Great White North and prairies, winter is taking a sweet-ass nap and doesn't know when to leave. Kinda like that one friend that always crashes at your place after a night out.
When the snow clears and bunnies and kittens frolic around, so will zombies. Make your lawn zombie friendly with these bad boys.

Both from Amazon, the "Zombie Obama Taking a Selfie But Forgot His Phone" is 7lbs of ankle grabbing awesomeness. Great addition to the pet cemetery you have from your kids' goldfish accidents that keep happening. 
"Let there be light" will cast his wizardry ways and guide company up your driveway to be tortured by your wife's ukulele "concert". You'd wish you were undead like these guys after it.  

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