Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Deadly bookends

STABle bookends
 Books flopping about your shelf? Yelling at them to stay in place not working? Doesn't work on my imaginary dog either (I'm a lonely creature). For those zombrarians, we need a place to showcase our knowledge with a little edge. Support your best zombie how-tos, zomromcoms, and other zomlit with two more bookends. (Other option here).
Zombie Survial Guide Books Knives Stand Bookend will hold your books while looking sharp.         Get it?

Want something more FLATtering? I'll stop.
 Zombie bookends from ThinkGeek are pressed out of steel and made to look like they are being a friend by holding your stuff at just the right angle. I think I want these ones. 
How would you showcase your collection?

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