Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Merry Christmas to me!!

 Holidays are great for surprise presents and when you buy most of them yourself, atleast you know you won't be disappointed with another knife block set. 
What you see is the most awesomest Yahtzee game to exist! Found at your local nerd store or even ThinkGeek. I was so happy for this gem!!! ;)
Look how great Gerald looks with my unread undead book collection! Can't even tell there is a great number game inside that handsome head of his. 

I went on a random comic shop spree and came across some more items to spend my money on instead of little orphaned children. I got a sweet deal on it all too!! The Walking Dead socks a snagged for $9 CAD and I got a weird series of comics (issues 1-4) about a retriever who kills zombies. Um ya. Awesome!!!! All issues came out to $7.  The HP necklace just happens to be in the pic since I had to Instagram that sh!t. Can't leave my nerd fans out of these great kinds of all kinds. 

What did you get this Christmas holiday? Did you reward yourself like I did? Cuz we know we are da bomb.

wait.....da bomb...?? I'm old. 

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