Monday, 8 December 2014

Monday Mention: Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof

Pat the Zombie: A Cruel (Adult) Spoof 


A macabre mash-up of the children’s classic Pat the Bunny and the present-day zombie phenomenon, with the tactile features of the original book revoltingly re-imagined for an adult audience. - Goodreads

While the classic presented kids the experience of a touch and feel enhanced reading experience, all I experienced was a face ache from the frowned expression I had reading this. I'm glad I never bought this book. Instead I went to the book store and read it there. It wasn't even worth the listed 5 bucks. While it was a semi good parody and had the interactive elements, the book was flimsy and nothing at all like the board book version it parodies. They should have made it feel like the original board book to be more authentic. That was the whole experience! Sturdy book to drool on. And drooling I might have done if I was stunned with greatness this book could have had. Good effort I guess. 
2 out of 5 monkey brains

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