Monday, 15 December 2014

Monday Mention: Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie

Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie (Stepping Stones)
After Keats and Henry lose their bikes, they need money—fast. The help-wanted ad at the supermarket seems ideal for them. All they have to do is weed Hallway House's garden, find some lightbulbs in the attic, sweep the garage and battle a shark-headed zombie...? 
 - Goodreads

This was actually pretty cute and magical. Boys had to go through a lot to earn some cash. Shows some responsibility. What I don't know is why its a shark-headed zombie. Of course the title made me attracted to this gem when it came across my work desk. The shark was just a shark zombie or zombie shark, whatever way you want to say it. The title makes it sound like its a zombie aka human with a shark head. It looked like a shark, swam like a shark, flopped like a shark, so it was a shark turned zombie. Plain and simple. So weird. It could swim through ground too. 

3 out of 5 monkey brains

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