Wednesday, 15 October 2014

TWD Season 5 Who will survive?

This years theme on The Walking Dead appears to be survive or rather " You're either the butcher of the cattle".  And this seemed to prove true with this Sunday's premiere. 
Never eat while watching a show about decaying things in the first place. Real bad idea when the baseball bat and trough scene occurred. What a way to start the season!*SPOILERS*
So it appears are main group has been saved and managed to get out. The group did not disappoint with their makeshift weapons from the train car. Michonne of course had to have a double bladed sword. I learned it was inspired by Darth Maul's lightsaber. Badass!

Carol showed us how she can be a leader and I love Carol more and more. She goes in some zombie bloody poncho and goes undercover, shooting things and using her newly found pyrotechnics and somehow manages to blow up a tank with a firework. 

 And now Carol is a collector as she wanders Terminus and gathers her friends items. Would have been a shame if she never found them. Daryl can't be Daryl without his bow!

So main thing we learned this episode Terminus is no sanctuary but it might have actually been as the flashbacks are showing. It seems the founders, Terminus Mary and her sons, had it taken away from them and turned into a rape and pillage town. And now these guys have lost all emotions and seem like they are just working at a meat packing plant! What I don't understand is why the one brother was on the meat table and how did the one butcher turn into a walker so quickly? Anyone else took hours!

Question of the episode: WTF IS BETH?! 

Why has no one mentioned her besides Daryl for like 5 seconds at the beginning. I hope next episode shows us where she might be. I know she is alive, but she can't be anywhere good.

So the sneaking guy at the end was Morgan which I think is the guy from that town where he was batshit crazy. We have only seen him twice but it seems he found some medication or a therapist and is well. Wonder why he is back.....any thoughts?

Can't wait for more episodes!

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