Thursday, 2 October 2014


On Saturday zombies roamed my city and attended weddings and scared any foreigners to never come to this city again. September 27 was the annual zombie walk and while it was cold, it didn't stop the zombies.
The zombies start coming from a gathering in the park, where they wandered mindlessly up the Broadway Bridge.
Here they tried to attack innocent and sexy on lookers like myself. This one thrashed at me. I even saw an elderly lady with a basket of fingers on her walker. Must have been snack time. 
Some survivors made it and were fighting back with guns and grenades. It was great to feel like someone was doing their duty. (teehee)
Even poor children and dogs had been infected with the zombie virus. As cute as these things usually are, they were TERRIFYING!!

YXE Fantastic Film Festival was the lovely host of this night. Click above to see more zombie pics.

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