Monday, 6 October 2014

Life After Beth movie review

Back in July I posted about about the movie Life After Beth about a young lady (played by Aubrey Plaza) turning into a zombie and her bf Zach finding out which at first makes his broken heart mended until Aubrey starts acting a little cray cray. And she ain't the only one! 
I saw this at a film festival in my city, preceded by a zombie walk, and although the crowd was small it was a fantastic experience and film to watch.
The zomromcom had some strange and hilarious moments in it like Beth getting tied to an oven and falling down the side of a hill, awkward moments you can't help but laugh at, the fact that dead people were coming back and trying to get back into their homes, John C Reilly and Molly Shannon as strange parents, and great dialogue like:

Zach Orfman: We're going to go for a hike.
Geenie Slocum: Not a hot idea.
Maury Slocum: In broad daylight? Zach, are you nuts?
Geenie Slocum: Wait till nightfall.
Beth Slocum: Why?
Maury Slocum: Because, baby, it's safer.
 It was a little awkward and slow to start but as Beth starting becoming more and more extreme in her zombism and Zach getting more freaked out, the events turned out to be hilarious with a touch of romance but not enough that you wish you were dead. I loved the scene with the bros in their underwear and how Beth is put down. Most hilarious moment! I took my fiance to it and he enjoyed it just as much as I did. I really hope to see more and more of zomromcoms.

Although it was not a box office hit since it premiered at most film festivals, I'm giving Life After Beth a ZD rating of 4 out of 5 monkey brains.

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