Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Zombie Cameos

 I LOOOOOVE me some cameos! I will take Victorian ones, um...other old lady ones, and now, zombie ones! I need to get a necklace cameo but if jewelry ain't yo thang than maybe some housewares are. From Blame Betty, a 40/50's pin-up vintage sweet-ass site from Calgary, AB (Canada represent!), is a Zombie Cameo Shower Curtain for $25 CAD. "Complete with dapper zombified gents, ghoulish ladies, spiders, skulls & more." Oh YAY! I love undead things.
Tea Towel Set in Cameo Zombie   will be great for wiping those things we use in the kitchen to eat on and drink from....Believe those are called dishes...but I eat of off styrofoam plates all the time since I am so classy and hate the environment.* These towels will only set you back $15 CAD.

*The impending doom of our world is not a joke. I actually own dishes and wash them by hand since I will no longer have a dishwasher.

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