Monday, 16 June 2014

Who needs pants?

 It seems the UK fashion from 2010 of wearing no pants and wearing tights, or how they have cleverly called them leggings, is still on full swing and popular than ever in North America. I always get curious as to what people are wearing under these things. Answer is: NOTHING! Not even a thong to separate your bits from your pants. Anyways, these leggings now come in so many different patterns I can't help but showcase some wicked zombie mashed ones.
First up is Alice in Zombieland. My fav! These were on Beserk for $55.

 Also on Beserk for same amount. These Zombie Time leggings are a great rendition of the show and its zombie episode.

Under the sea is more vicious now with zombie fish and mermaids along with the already existing killer sea creatures.
Zombie Ariel and her friends are available for $55 again.

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