Friday, 13 June 2014

The Walking Dead game

Miss The Walking Dead? Me too. *le sad* Read all the comics? Want something else to do? Enjoy video games? Me too! Play this game or replay for those in a zombie fix.

 Now while I never really played The Walking Dead game (too scared to play zombie games), I watched the first TellTale game of The Walking Dead over the shoulder of a pillow while my fiance played and made all the opposite choices I suggested. Don't know the game that well? Here is a rundown of the first episode.

So basically you have a limited time to choose important decisions on top of having to keep safe and the people around you. While some choices you think are simple actually impact what you do later. "Joe will remember that" feels like an ominous feeling you keep with you throughout the whole game. I know one of the first choices is to save a kid or a guy. If you don't choose either in the "invisible time", bad shit will happen. To make you feel even worse after playing the episode, it ranks a percentage of what you chose to all the other players. I would have been that person that got all the lower percentages. I would choose all the violent and crappy choices unlike my fiance who manages to go with the more compassionate side.
With 5 episodes to play, what can be better than being graded on your choices and feeling miserable, not only about the sad plot line, but the consequences of a fictional character dealing with fictional zombies?? Maybe eating Grandma's fresh baked cookies? It's a toss up.

Want more facts on the game? Here:

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