Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Bummer

Hey folks! Summer has a arrived and with that comes exciting things in my life. First off, I'm done work for the summer!!! haaha SUCKERS! I'm going to read so much zombie books and work real hard on putting more materials together for my blog. 
I'll also be moving. Yes apartment life has its faults of lots of people easily turned into zombies and coming after me. I'm heading to a house where I can properly build my arsenal and fallout shelter complete with private library (I love my books okay?).

With this transition will come no postings on Zombie Diaries for atleast a week, maybe even two. I know....bummer! During this time I hope you're out frolicking in the sun, sipping on a cold one, and practicing your zombie drills but as soon as I post again YOUR ASS IS MINE. You better bow down and become addicted to the internet with me being your ruler!! MWHAHAHA!!

(This plays for a long time.....)

Till we meet again....

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