Friday, 9 May 2014

Zombie Awareness Month: Welcome to Zombie Town

 May is Zombie Awareness Month. It is where nerds and enthusiasts, as well as true believers, talk about preparing for the looming apocalypse.  This whole month is a great way to become aware of the dangerous threat of flesh eating corpses we will have on our planet.
I'd still do him


A serious concern is turning hotties like my husband Jakey into a rotting hottie.
So the key thing we need to be aware this month is the most important of all: How to Spot a Zombie. While some may mistake a hobo or your drunken uncle as a mindless Walker, don't let that fool you. Just to be certain with no chance for mistaken identity, shoot them right in the brain.

If shooting is not a choice you have then another great method, but not always 100% effective, is fire. Fire is a great alternative if you suck at shooting. *cough* me *cough*

One should also consider what type of weapons to have for combat. If I was super strong and knew where to get a katana, that would be my choice. But let's see what would be the most effect for kills. 

As we can see guns are the most effective. Now while this is true, they are also likely to run out of ammo so unless you are already stock piled or own a gun store OR you have the endless ammo cheat then you may reconsider relying solely on guns and have a back up weapon. What would be your weapon of choice? How would you prepare for the apocalypse?

Come back next week and I'll share more ways to prepare yourself.

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