Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Zombie Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

So the zombies have come. You know what a zombie looks like, smells like, how to destroy one, and the best weapons out there. What else do you need to know? LOTS! There is so much to learn that you might need to spend weeks or months learning to be the best survivor out there. Me? I'm just going to let it happen and join the zombie horde. I'm lazy.

Did you know there are different types of zombies? There are! Depending on which apocalypse we get will depend on which zombies we get. If it is a virus with erratic tendencies then we get our runners. The scariest I must say. If it spreads slowly we get our slow walkers and shamblers or the most general zombies. These are easier to kill. Let's hope for the latter.

The best survival tips you can learn are to get a pack. People tend to survive longer with more people. Now some groups are a-holes and may want to stab you for food and ammo, but find a great group and survive together. It is best to have a skill that is worth keeping you around for. Less likely to be turned.
Better to make friends with humans and not zombies. Never engage in talk with the dead even if they are your grandpa. Grandpa will bite you. 

Stay active. Or in my case, get active NOW! Get out there and get some cardio. For a great list of simple yet effective rules for the zombie land watch the video below as well as the long list here.

Make sure you have lots of food to eat. Nothing worse than trying to find food and you end up being dinner. Stock up now. Canned food is cheap and easy to keep. Fill your pantries and invest in some dried food that astronauts eat. It is amazing how great that stuff will taste when you are starving. And when all the canned foo runs out, hunt. Which leads to learning to hunt and trap food. Scavenging should be used for desperation and a quick fix but it is not worth risking your life to wander into a zombie filled store.

I could write a whole month about the do's and don'ts. Visit the Zombie Research Society for all your survival needs. 

Remember: always be prepared and show your support this month!

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