Monday, 26 May 2014

iZombie, Vol. 3: Six Feet Under and Rising

iZombie, Vol. 3: Six Feet Under and Rising (iZombie #3)


into contact with the Dead Presidents (all supernatural agents named after dead presidents), the Vampire Paintball squad, and Horatio and the Fossor organization that hunts all monsters. If that wasn't overwhelming enough Gwen's memories are returning from her living life, but the need to eat more brains to retain her personality is a major problem with all the hunters around.

With reading this volume things are more and more complicated. Now there is another group of hunters but they themselves are monsters! We learn more about Gwen's past with Amon, Scott's friends learn about their secrets from each other and Scott's Gramp, and Scott might be gay..??? Then there is this whole Galatea lady doing surgery on a dead body. No clue where that is headed. Loving this comic tho. Can't get enough of the zombies and monster mash up. I'm enjoying the mystery plots with the quirky humor. Did I mention there is slim nudity? It is pretty hawt. 

4 out of 5 monkey brains

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