Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Helping Your Children

Since it is Zombie Awareness month, it is best to make your kids aware and what better way to help them understand than by reading a book.

I so wish I could find this book somewhere or know if it was real or not. Whether or not, you can imagine some of the advice it has in it. This is what I think should be included:
Chapter 1: What are zombies?
Chapter 2: Why Daddy was shot
Chapter 3: Realizing Mommy is not a bitch
Chapter 4: How to use your Barbies and other toys to kill other Daddies and Mommies with
Chapter 5: Yes, your friends are all dead
Chapter 6: You will never get to play video games, go to dances, have prom, or a normal childhood


I imagine this to be like a little Jr. Non-fiction book. It'd be so helpful.

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