Friday, 16 May 2014

CW picks up iZombie

Now I have read all the iZombie comics by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred (look for my reviews on ZD!) and not even a few weeks after reading them I find out CW is making it into a show!

Starring the show is "Once Upon A Time" star Rose McIver playing Liv. Why they had to change Gwen's name? Dumb. Oh and if that wasn't great enough they have changed Gwen, er... Liv's job from gravedigger to a student working in coroner's office, eating the brains so she will absorb their memories and use it to solve their murders with her boss and a detective, among other crimes. FUN TIMES! I don't mind that change since it works with the whole detective genre. 
this guy

Other familiar faces will be David Anders, also from OUAT and then a bunch of people I'm not sure where they are from.

None of the names of the characters are the same of the comics which always makes me sad when they don't honor the original story in any way.  I also don't know if there are any other supernatural characters like in the comic. Don't disappoint CW!

Let's hope they still include some of the witty, crude humor and it won't become a zombie CSI show.

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