Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Zombie Games Part 1

 A while back I thought I'd be cool and buy a tablet. I bought my Google Nexus 7 and first thing I wanted to do was try all the zombie games I thought I might like. I was originally going to try out every (free) zombie game, but some I can't even feel well about having in my dL history.
First game I tried was Zombie Ninja. Much similar to Fruit Ninja where you slice fruit in half with your finger, this slices heads and is not in English. There wasn't much to it; no extra bonus level things like Fruit Ninja, just a quick and easy 4 min time waster.

3 out of 5 monkey brains

Zombie Office is where you throw stuff at a zombie in his office chair fighting against a blowing fan that changes your aim. You get extra points and awards for certain things like dropping the anvil on the zombie, getting the hammer stuck in his scalp, and doing other asshole things that seem extreme. I stopped playing this when I noticed you had to throw lots of items many times in order to get new items to throw.

2 out of 5 monkey brains

Whomever hasn't heard of Plants vs. Zombies should just leave this site now. Available now is PvSZ2. I was so addicted to the first one on Steam but I just haven't felt the itch with this one but being bias I'll just say this is a super great sequel. 

4 out of 5 monkey brains

"In 2020, T viruses spread all over the world. A large number of people are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. You are involved in the war against the zombies." - Google Play description
Ya this was more like a game where endless zombies come at ya and unless you have super great aim, you will be swarmed with tons of undead. This was too difficult and scary for me. First person freaks me out. 

1 out of 5 monkey brains

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