Friday, 11 April 2014

Shirts from Ript Apparel

 Ript Apparel is always offering some zomb-tastic shirts. Yes, I just made that up. I can do that when it comes to sweet tees as these. Of course none of these tees are available but we can still dream of wearing these to Gran's house.
Back to the Dead, a Back to the Future zombified tee, just proves my thoughts of Doc being a walking corpse.

Say Brains Again proves that an oldie but goodie movie (Pulp Fiction) never goes out of style.

Gotta catch all them dead things, right? This is one shirt I'd love to catch. I really want a Pikachew. Heehee, get it?

I need sleep.

zomBMO from Zombie Time, er, Adventure Time, screams that I am a cool nerd! BMO is already a bit of a mindless machine when he is low on energy let alone craving brains. Good luck getting any! Pretty sure Candy people are made out of candy.

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