Monday, 28 April 2014

Afterlife with Archie #3: Sleepover

Afterlife with Archie #3: Sleepover Afterlife with Archie #3: Sleepover (Afterlife With Archie #3) 

The zombie apocalypse is in full swing and the surviving members of the gang have taken refuge in the Lodge Mansion—believing themselves safe from the infected roaming the streets of Riverdale! But there’s no stopping Archie from sneaking out, risking life and limb to find his missing parents—leaving those sequestered behind vulnerable to an enemy within!" - Goodreads

Safe in the Lodge house, Betty tries to have some pool party fun, but someone is infected and Mr. Lodge does what he needs to quarantine the situation. Let's just say he is DEAD serious about containing no more infections. And poor little Betty's party is spoiled.  Meanwhile, Archie goes on the streets to see where the folks are. All he sees is desertion and death, maybe even his own or someone he loves.

Could this comic get any better? And the answer is YES! #4 review coming right up. 
4 out of 5 monkey brains

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